Maribeth Pelly
Maribeth Pelly

Let's create a marketing system that targets your sales and profits

I'm Maribeth Pelly and I work directly with business owners to design marketing systems that deliver measurable increases in sales and profits and maximize the return on their marketing investment.

Meet Maribeth

After a successful career in corporate banking and financial management, Maribeth founded her own marketing strategy consulting service to help transform nascent and under-performing businesses into highly efficient and profitable enterprises.

Maribeth works directly with business owners/management to develop, target, and realize marketing systems that generate increased sales and profitability by focusing on improving productivity while redefining and energizing the sales, communications, and customer service strategies.

Maribeth serves the market of small to mid-sized businesses and has experience in a wide variety of industries. Her clear-eyed, perceptive, and methodical approach consistently delivers fresh and effective marketing strategies that result in measurably improved business performance while maximizing the return on marketing investment.

What to Expect

Let's face it, you're busy running your business. You have precious little time to review much less test out myriad marketing strategies that may or may not improve your sales. What you really need is a focused, well-defined, streamlined, and organized marketing plan that will exploit your existing assets, uncover hidden or poorly-used assets, resonate with your key audience, and move from concept to realization in a reasonable time frame. And wouldn't it be great if you actually received all of this with a decent return on your marketing investment? Well that puts us both on the same page. So here's the straight scoop on what you should expect depending on the nature of your business:

New Business

Get a Core Marketing Plan to define and control your budget and focus efforts on sales.

  • Your unique selling position.
  • Simple strategies to grow your lists.
  • Systems to identify and communicate with your desired customer audience
  • Leverage social media without succumbing to the time cost.
  • Develop an effective marketing plan so you can focus on sales.

Existing Business

We'll review your business, current and potential audience, existing strategies and results, desired goals, etc.

  • Discuss what’s working (and not working) for you.
  • Identify gaps and/or shortcomings in your existing marketing campaign.
  • Determine best solutions and implementation paths.
  • Eliminate risk and guess work with a solid marketing plan.

Emerging Business

Get a marketing plan for your rapidly emerging business. The package includes:

  • Secret shopper review of your current marketing.
  • Delegated, automated or eliminated marketing systems.
  • Plan fresh and innovative campaigns.
  • Establish performance benchmarks.
  • Develop effective marketing strategies without the guess work.

What Clients Say

Although Barlow’s was sales were growing, we saw a steady decline in customer counts. We were having a hard time bringing new faces into our store. At a Chamber Event we struck up a conversation with Maribeth Pelly. We talked about our need to get new customers in our store, increase our ticket purchases and get the word out about what Barlow’s offers to more members of the community. Maribeth’s ideas, strategies and get things done attitude has helped to increase our customer counts. She has helped to guide our marketing director and staff in the proper channels to get the most out of our marketing.
Stephen Barlow
President  - Barlow‘s Flower Farm
I love your dedication to the work and your incredible efforts to make us look good and successful...can't say enough about you! YOU'RE the BEST!
Roger Faulkenbury
Co-owner  - Therapeutic Fitness
Maribeth is tireless in her commitment to providing BookTowne what we need to grow our business. We are now at a point where we are on the publishers’ radar. She has provided us with a structure and system to accomplish what we need to do to grow. Our events are ever increasing. The community is so excited about what we are offering. I cannot imagine functioning without Maribeth’s energy, ideas and commitment to our business’s success.
Rita Maggio
Owner  - BookTowne
My decision to work with Maribeth came after analyzing my business after our initial year of operating. A crucial time in the company's history, it was a make or break decision to forge ahead. Since working with Maribeth, Clutter Crashers, The Organizing Company's gross revenue has tripled. Our processes have been streamlined and our service level to our clients have been enhanced. Once we connected marketing with sales and operations things started clicking and our clients could tell...not only were we THE ORGANIZING COMPANY, we were a company that was organized!
Pete Lorenzo
Owner  - Clutter Crashers


I'm located in the picturesque Jersey Shore town of Manasquan. If you're ready to develop a no-nonsense, focused marketing plan that will help grow your business sales and profits, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat over coffee (or over the phone if coffee's not really your thing).

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